Men's Fall Team and Individual Registration

Updated Tuesday September 18, 2018 by OBHL - Fifty Point.


Men's Fall Season Locations:
The OBHL is excited to run a SEPERATE Men's League out of Fifty Point AND Confederation Beach Park locations! (sole divisions play at only one location)

Fall Season Start Up:
Fall season is set to Start Mid September

How to Register?
Click the Big Red "Register Now Button" on the home page above the slide show to register online, a $100 deposit is required for team registration to go through or click here: 
Register Online or at the Fifty Point or Confed Offices. (office hours: email us,

Division Information:
Teams sign up for either a Monday+Wednesday+ Few Weekend Games OR a Tuesday+Thursday+Few Weekend Games....The League and Team Reps will work together to make the divisions and as fun and fair as possible for players to enjoy! 
Teams may be moved up or down to make divisions as fun as possible for everyone.

Men's Weekday Division Titles: The OBHL ranks its divisions by letters A, B, C, D. Sometimes we split divisions ex C1, C2, this depends on the teams registered for the current season.

Men's +30 Division: We are offering a +30 Division to accommodate more age mature teams. You can select the +30 division during registration. Scheduling will be the similar as mentioned for other divisions, we will have a seperate meeting to set any custom rules and guidelines. No players under age.

Men's Season Scheduling:
Divisions and season schedule will be done at the start of the season!

The league can now accommodate teams to give everyone the best schedule possible to help accommodate our busy lives. We will also reschedule games on extreme weather and rainy down pour days.

Games per week:
Teams usually play 1 or 2 games a week over the season schedule.

Weekend Times Available to Play: 
1 - Friday 7-10pm
2 - Sat 1pm-10pm
3 - Sun 10am-10pm
Start times will vary and we try our best to accommodate.

Season Details:
-Teams get a minimum of 14 games. (12 Regular Season Games + Playoffs - Best 2 out of 3).
-Individual Championship Player Prizes are Awarded to Every Championship Team.
-Free Electronic Ball Hockey Passes are used to gain access into the Fifty Point Conservation Area for the entire season. No passes are needed for Confederation Park as it is a public park.
-Free League App for your phone equipped with schedule stats and standings.
-Automatic email reminders 24hrs before each game if players submit their email address
-Super Fun Outdoor Ball Hockey with your friends at Amazing Confederation Beach Park!

League Fees:

OBHL Pay in Full Special - Additional Savings to You!
If the team is paid in full before the first game; the team will receive $50 off their next season. Take advantage of the savings!

Team Roster:
Maximum 16 player roster is allowed, 3 lines and a goalie.
Minimum is having enough to field a team.

Individual and Groups Without a Team: 
Email us if you want to join a team and we will connect you to a team looking for players. We also merge groups to form new teams, just ask us how? Individuals can be put on a list for players looking for a team. OR see details on the Draft League where individuals can register online and pay later.

Equipment and Uniforms: 
Players 18 and over are required to wear protective gloves (hockey/lacrosse) and a stick and a team jersey/shirt to play. Sticks can be anything but no wooden blades, we are phasing out wooden bladed sticks, and any wooden blades that are split will not be allowed to be used. All adult teams are required to have their own uniforms with the same base color and individual number required. Uniforms can be t-shirts or jerseys but all must have numbers.

Seasons to Play:
SPRING (Mar-May) - SUMMER (Jun-Aug) - FALL (Sept-Nov) - WINTER (Dec-Feb)

Men's League Questions?
League President/Men's Convenor: Joe Wilson at:

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